Fouad WhatsApp v9.81 APK Download (2023 New Version) Anti Ban

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Friends, here we are again with a new WhatsApp Mod on a new day. Now, download this popular Fouad WhatsApp Mod for advanced features. Fouad Mokdad has developed this mod app for Android users. FouadWA is similar to FM WhatsApp Apk app. The Fouad WhatsApp v9.81 is available for update. So, download its new version 2023 apk now.

➨ Here is the latest version 9.81 download link of Fouad WhatsApp 2023.

Fouad WhatsApp

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What is Fouad WhatsApp APK?

The post is all about Fouad WhatsApp. Whatsapp messenger is the most used messaging app in the world with a more than billion downloads in Google Play Store. You can use WhatsApp as a free messaging app as it uses your data connection. So there is no old SMS cost to the network provider. It is becoming more popular day by day.

You might be wondering as we already have official WhatsApp, then why do we need this Fouad WhatsApp. Let me tell you today there is a huge no of different WhatsApp mods available on the internet. Firstly these are available to use as dual WhatsApp along with the official WhatsApp. People need it because they are using two numbers and WhatsApp doesn’t allow using two mobile numbers on the same app.

download fouad whatsapp

However, after some time these mod apps become more popular than the official Whatsapp. Because the Fouad Mods developers, modded these apps with advanced features. Also, added new features that were not present in WhatsApp. To name a few the WhatsApp mods are GB WhatsApp, Fouad WhatsApp, WhatsApp Plus, FM WhatsApp, AZ WhatsApp, and many more. However, Fouad WhatsApp 9.81 is the most popular among these mods. It is almost similar to FM WhatsApp Apk regarding features.

Steps to Download Fouad WhatsApp Apk (Installation Guide)

Before starting with installation, we need first to download Fouad WhatsApp apk file. We have provided the download link in the below download button. Tab on the download button now to start downloading the apk file.

  • First, click on this link to go to Fouad WhatsApp new version direct download page.
  • Download the v9.81 apk file from there.

After the download is complete, now go and find the apk file in the download folder of the file manager. Now we are all set to install the app. Please follow the below steps to install Fouad WhatsApp to your mobile.

How to Install the FouadWA Apk?

>> First, make sure installation from “Unknown Sources” is enabled from the settings menu.

installation of fouad whatsapp apk

>> Now tap on “Fouad WhatsApp apk” file and install it like any other app.

open fouad wa after installation

>> Next open the app and provide your mobile number.

verify mobile number inside fouad whatsapp

>> You will receive an OTP on your mobile number, verify your number with it.

>> Now you can restore your old chat backup if need.

>> After all these steps you can now see the main screen of your WhatsApp.

fouad mods whatsapp home screen

>> Congratulation! Now the Fouad Whatsapp app is ready to use. Start sending messages to your friends.

Coming Soon: Fouad WhatsApp 9.85 is Coming! So, stay tuned.

New features in Fouad WA New Version v9.81

  • Exclusive: Media Backup/ Restore option (FMMods >> Universal >> Backup and Restore).
  • iOS 2023 Emojis Pack added.
  • Enabled: Receive pinned messages from others.
  • Transfer your Chats backup to other phones without G-Drive.
  • Fixed: Many major and minor bugs of V9.80.
  • Extended expiry date.
  • Added: Maximum Anti-ban protection (99.99%).
  • Fixed: Issue of 1-hour ban for some users.
  • Enabled: Edit messages.
  • Added: Option to hide Save and Mark Seen buttons on status page.
  • Backup Update: FouadBackup (Titanium) updated automatically daily.
  • Enabled: Keep messages option when disappearing mode is active (Long press any message).
  • Added: Option to hide camera icon from the Home Top Bar (FMMODS >> Home Screen >> Header).
  • New: Now send documents with captions.
  • Enabled: Share voice notes via story/status.
  • Exclusive: Preview Image or Video without saving to phone.
  • Added: Repost option for Story/Status.
  • Option: Save image/video after preview (3-dots >> Save to gallery).
  • Base WhatsApp Update as of Google Play Store.
  • New: Share multiple images/videos/files at once from Chat to outside apps!
  • New: Leave groups secretly without members knowing (except admins).
  • Exclusive: Mass Message Sender (Broadcast to many groups/chats).
  • Added: Message Scheduler and Auto Reply (One UI design).
  • New: Options to download story, copy captions, and more.
  • Added: FMThemes Store now automatically gets Dark/Light mode.
  • It’s back: Option to increase forward limit to 250 (Can get you banned).
  • Brand new FouadMods Settings design.
  • Status video length increase: now 5 minutes instead of 45 seconds.
  • Lock wallpaper setting error in Android 10 is fixed now.

Features of Fouad WhatsApp by Fouad Mokdad

You can refer below for all the feature details that are present in Fouad WhatsApp. Read them all to know more about this mod app by Fouad Mokdad. You may find some of them are unique. The reason is that these aren’t present in any other WhatsApp mods like YoWhatsApp or WhatsApp Plus.

download fouad mods whatsapp
  • Copy anyone’s status by just tapping on it.
  • Download status pics and videos.
  • Change notification and launcher icons.
  • Video file size limit is 1GB.
  • For photos, send 100 images at once.
  • Change default font size and style with the preview option.
  • Change the old notification icon and enjoy a fresh new icon for all of your notifications.
  • 250 Character limit is not present for status, So you don’t have to worry about status character limit.
  • Hide your last seen as a part of privacy settings.
  • Have a broadcast list of 500 now and send a message to all of them at once.
  • Customize double-tick style with 30 plus tick styles available for use.
  • Copy anyone’s status as yours with just a few taps.
  • Whole new emoji collection.
  • Fouad Theme store with 100+ cool themes.
  • Always online status mod option.
  • Privacy Mod settings
  • And many more! Just download its latest apk file and install it to enjoy it.

Why Fouad WhatsApp by Fouad Mods is popular?

Fouad Mokdad is the developer who developed this great mod. He crafted this mod carefully with intuitively designed features. This Fouad WhatsApp comes with tons of feature customization over the official Whatsapp along with chat conversion lock, change styles and themes as you wish, settings for privacy mods, an app lock feature to protect your chat history and many more unique features.

fouad whatsapp mod settings

Fouad WhatsApp is more popular because it stands out of all the available mods with its unique features. To mention a few of them they include a theme store that always has some new and cool-looking themes for you to get rid of old-school green WhatsApp theme. Yes, Fouad WhatsApp Themes are super awesome. Want to copy someone’s status and make it yours, don’t worry it’s got it for you. Massive database of emoji collection, don’t get bored with using the same emoji always. Try them all, you never know you might like some of them and add them to your list of favorite emojis.

fouad whatsapp themes

We have already discussed some of the highlights and unique features that are available on Fouad WhatsApp APK. The details list of features, all the added features with the new update as well as the complete setup process for Fouad WhatsApp I mentioned above. So, check them all now. Gain some insight about the app that can help you for sure while you install and use the app.

Final Words

So, give this Fouad WhatsApp for Android a try. Download its latest version 9.81 apk now.

After following all the steps, I hope you have successfully downloaded and installed Fouad WhatsApp on your mobile. Now it’s time to start exploring all the mod features yourself. If you like the app, please share it with friends.

If you have any queries regarding the app or facing any problems, reply now with a comment. We will get back to you ASAP.

10 thoughts on “Fouad WhatsApp v9.81 APK Download (2023 New Version) Anti Ban”

  1. we are waiting for that feature to hide conversation like what is done by gbwhatsapp users. we are looking forward. thanks

    • Yes. But, you can still Lock any Conversation with PIN, Pattern or Fingerprint lock using Fouad WhatsApp’s latest version.

  2. thanks guys for the improvement on your latest fmwhatsapp. we can now hide our conversation besides just locking. i guess i have other issue which you may consider to make this super gifted App more superior. i have seen that you can upload a video a bit longer than that of the com.whatsapp. now is it possible to make a downloader which multi-part download these videos so that they are fast downloaded when downloading the received videos.? i mean like what an IDM do. replacing that which is currently in fmwhatsapp use

    sorry for bad english

  3. After upgrading to Fouad WhatsApp 7.99, I got a ban! Although it is written Anti Ban, on version 7.96 everything was fine.

  4. Hi! new in here and to the discussion… well I downloaded the app and installed on my low end android phone it got installed.
    The issue is when ever I try to start it it says unfortunately the app goes in to reset preferences option and doesn’t open properly please help sir.

    • Hello Muhammad. This app should work any devices with Android 4.4+ without any problem. If it’s a lower Android, then Fouad WA won’t work.


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